Vladimir Vladimirovich Selivanov

Head of the Department of General Psychology, Institute of Experimental Psychology, Professor, Doctor of Psychology

  • Specialist in the field of general, cognitive psychology, psychology of thinking, personality and virtual reality, author of more than 140 scientific articles and 8 books, including: “Thinking and personality” (1998), “Psychology of consciousness” (1999), “Thinking in personal development of the subject” (2003), “Psychology of thinking: correlation of conscious and unconscious” (2009), “Psychology of thinking: correlation of semantic and procedural characteristics” (2007), “Subject and virtual reality: mental development, training / ed. Selivanova V.V. (2016) and others.
  • The developer of a new subjective paradigm in psychology, the stages of development of the subject in ontogeny, studies of the influence of virtual reality on the thinking and personality of a person.
  • The author of the structural-procedural concept of thinking.
  • Develops a process theory of thinking S.L. Rubinshtein, a new subjective paradigm by A.V. Brushlinsky, subjective psychotherapy.

academic degree: Doctor of Psychology

academic title: professor

awards, prizes, titles: certificate of honor of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation (2002), honorary worker of higher professional education of the Russian Federation (2013)

Education: Moscow State Pedagogical University

Subject of doctoral dissertation: “Thinking in the personal development of the subject” (2001).

Topic of Ph.D. thesis: “The relationship of cognitive style and procedural characteristics of thinking.”


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List of scientific publications by Selivanova V.V. (for 2015-2019):

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address: Moscow, Shelepikhinskaya nab., 2A, building 2, 2nd floor, 207G

work schedule: Mon.-Fri., 09:00-18:00

Phone: 84992594281

E-mail: vvsel@list.ru