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Vladimir Vladimirovich Selivanov

Vladimir Selivanov

Institute of Experimental Psychology

Head of the Department of General Psychology, Institute of Experimental Psychology, Professor, Doctor of Psychological Sciences

+7 (499) 259-42-81
Work schedule: Mon.-Fri., 09:00-18:00
Address: Moscow, Shelepikhinskaya naberezhnaya, 2A, building 2, 2nd floor, room 207G

Specialist in the field of general, cognitive psychology, psychology of thinking, personality and virtual reality, author of more than 140 scientific articles and 8 books, including: “Thinking and personality” (1998), “Psychology of consciousness” (1999), “Thinking in personal development of the subject» (2003), «Psychology of thinking: correlation of conscious and unconscious» (2009), «Psychology of thinking: correlation of semantic and procedural characteristics» (2007), «Subject and virtual reality: mental development, training / ed. Selivanova V.V. (2016) and others.

The developer of a new subjective paradigm in psychology, the stages of development of the subject in ontogeny, studies of the influence of virtual reality on the thinking and personality of a person.

The author of the structural-procedural concept of thinking.

Develops a process theory of thinking S.L. Rubinshtein, a new subjective paradigm by A.V. Brushlinsky, subjective psychotherapy.

Academic degree: doctor of psychological sciences
Academic title: professor
Awards, prizes, titles: certificate of honor of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation (2002), honorary worker of higher professional education of the Russian Federation (2013)
Education: Moscow State Pedagogical University
Subject of doctoral dissertation: «Thinking in the personal development of the subject» (2001).
Topic of Ph.D. thesis: «The relationship of cognitive style and procedural characteristics of thinking.»

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List of scientific publications by Selivanova V.V. (for 2015-2019):
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