Visit to the German Embassy in Moscow

\"01\"The annual reception in the embassy of Germany dedicated to economics and science was held on the 29th of January. About 350 people took part in the meeting among which there were representatives of scientific and economical sphere of Russia and Germany. Wolfgang Dik, the Head of the department of economics and science, emphasized in his welcoming speech that in the complicated recent political situation it is important for the two countries to continue the dialogue and develop the contact.

Among other spheres Wolfgang Dik highlighted the high potential of collaboration in the educational sphere and particularly the important role of international collaboration between universities.
\"04\"The year 2014 for MSUPE was the time of strengthen of scientific collaboration with Germany: the agreement with the Institut für angewandte sozial wissenschaftliche Forschunge.V. in Berlin was signed, the new Master`s program with the participation of German partners was launched, signed and there were already held several joint seminars and meetings.

On the reception MSUPE was represented by the Head of the Office of International Affairs N.A. Baykovskaya, and O.V. Rubtsova, the Head of the Department of Russian – German Collaboration.








Photo© Deutsche Botschaft Moskau