Traineeship A. Sannino in MSUPE

\"Саннино\"During the period from 11 to 21 of November Annalisa Sannino was doing an internship in Moscow State University of Psychology and Education. A. Sannino is a lecturer and researcher at the Center for Research on Activity, Development and Learning (CRADLE), Helsinki (Finland). The field of her research interests is the communication in the process of learning and development, as well as the methodology of the theory of activity.

During the internship A. Sannino met the rector V.V.Rubtsov, the head of the International Department N.A. Baykovskaya in order to discuss the draft agreement on international scientific cooperation, she also \"Саннино2\"attended lectures lectures of Master\’s \»Cultural-historical psychology and activity approach in education\» program, spoke on the topic of Modern methods of training and development in the profession during the meeting at the Individual and Group Psychotherapy depatment headed by F.E.Vasilyuk. A. Sannino’s speech had a great response of our colleagues. The meetings with MSUPE professors and teachers were organized in order to s to discuss the joint research in the field of cultural activity-related research in psychology.