The open lecture of Dr. Elizabeth Froschmayer (Vienna, Austria)

\"Безымянный1\"On September 26th Dr. Elizabeth Froschmayer (Vienna, Austria) visited MSUPE. She is a children\’s psychotherapist, supervisor, teacher of Institute for Advanced Studies in the field of psychology of children and adolescents and parent\’s counseling “Ökids”, (Vienna, Austria).

Ökids is a unique center, combining experts from different areas for effective support of children, adolescents and their families, which works not only in Austria, but also in Russia.

The Institute of training and retraining of professionals for working with children and adolescents was established on the basis of the Center. During the past 16 years the Institute has been successfully preparing highly qualified staff: therapists, doctors, psychologists, social workers and teachers, school health professionals, pediatricians, and related professionals. The key feature of the Center is an integrative interpersonal approach to child and adolescent psychotherapy practice, based on the interaction between personal experience and the environment of the child / adolescent with the direct involvement of family and community in the process of therapy.

\"Безымянный2\"Dr. Elizabeth Froschmayer is a co-author of this approach. The main principles of the approach were presented in MSUPE during the open lecture for the students, teachers and practicing psychotherapists “Unfinished gestalt parental topics and their expression in human behavior, psychosomatic medicine, child’s game, process diagnostics in the game”.

Faculties of Counseling and Clinical psychology of MSUPE consider cooperation with the Institute of Advanced Studies Ökids (Vienna, Austria).