Center for Interdisciplinary Research

Center for Interdisciplinary Research on MODERN CHILDHOOD

A permanent discussion club available for everyonewas opened in the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of Modern Childhood. The club work is dedicated to reading and discussion of fundamental scientific works on psychology and pedagogy, familiarity with the biographies of representatives of the Russian scientific school and to an informal communication over a cup of tea.


Club meetings are held once a month. Every time the work of a chosen author,which participants can read before the meeting, is discussed. In light of the 120th anniversary of L. S. Vygotsky the meetings of the club in 2015-2016 will be mainly devoted to acquaintance with his heritage.

The club invites students, postgraduates, young researchers, experienced professionals and everybody who are interested to learn something new and to share their thoughts and ideas.

Events are held under an informational support of the international journal \»Cultural-historical psychology\».

On the November 9 another regular meeting of the discussion club \»Tea time with classics\» took place. It was devoted to the discussion of the book \»Psychology of art\» by L. S. Vygotsky.

Meeting was held by: Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor,ManolisDafermakis (Crete, Greece) and the head of the club, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Olga Rubtsova.


The discussion was dedicated to the aesthetic, philosophical and psychological aspects of artistic activity, the problem of \»disembodiment\» of the material, and to peculiarities of the evolution of scientific views of L. S. Vygotsky in the early years of his career.

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