Students of MSUPE in the West University of Timișoara


In October 2015 the joint application for the organization of academic mobility in the framework of the ERASMUS + program of MSUPE and West University of Timișoara was supported by the European Commission.

\"\"In February 2016 the second-year student of the faculty of Magistracy of Social Psychology Khairullina Liana was directed to the training to the Romanian University. During the spring semester she is studying at the Faculty of “Sociology and Psychology” of the West University of Timisoara.

In the correspondence with the department of the international affairs of MSUPE Liana emphasizes special warmth and a friendly atmosphere at the university as well as the high quality of education and the organization of support of foreign students.

Congratulations to Liana with the successful participation in the program ERASMUS +! We wish her a fascinating and useful learning and good luck at final exams!

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