Socialization of Youth: Managing Youth Projects

Degree level
Master degree
Field of training
39.03.03 Organization of Work with Youth
4 years
Mode of attendance
Delivered by
Faculty of Social Communication, Department of Social Communication and Organization of Work with Youth

Irina Shilina
Doctor of Historical Sciences, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences,
Head of the Faculty of Social Communication,
Chair of the Department of Social Communication and Organization of Work with Youth, Professor
ORCID: 0000-0002-6226-0436


Students receive pedagogical education with an emphasis on legal and psychological aspects, study the pedagogical support of work with youth, the sociology of youth, the psychological and social foundations of work with youth. It teaches the knowledge, skills and abilities that are necessary for the implementation of an individual development trajectory for students, educators, youth workers, employees of educational institutions of various types. A practice-oriented approach is used, which allows one to have the acquired knowledge, skills and abilities at the partner organizations in the conditions of practical activities.


By the end of the program you will be able to:

  • Carry out professional activities in accordance with the regulatory legal acts in the field of education and the norms of professional ethics;
  • Take into account the social, psychological and individual characteristics of children, adolescents and youth in the organization of professional activities in the youth environment;
  • Organize and manage work in the field of youth policy is ready to maintain the necessary documentation and organize workflow in departments of organizations, institutions for working with youth;
  • Run the assessment and quality control of the provision of social services in the field of youth policy;
  • Organize the various forms and mass events in youth communities;
  • Implement and develop the project-analytical and expert-consulting activities among the youth
  • Implement of forecasting, designing and modeling of social processes and phenomena in the field of youth policy and the use of social technologies (including innovative ones) for working with youth and in the implementation of work on organizing events in the field of youth policy;
  • Conduct modern sociological research on youth policy and the position of youth in society.

Graduates accompany youth initiatives, organize creative spaces for youth development, introduce modern digital technologies in the field of work with youth, specialists work in government, educational institutions of all levels, corporations, leisure organizations, public associations and business structures with young people of various social categories. The professional competencies of specialists in working with youth allow self-realization both in the educational and social spheres, and in choosing a state, commercial or non-profit structure. This is a multidisciplinary specialist who can apply his knowledge within various institutions.


Module 1. Humanitarian, social fundamentals of professional activity.
Module 2. Communication in professional interaction.
Module 3. Health-saving technologies in professional activity.
Module 4. Natural science fundamentals of professional activity.
Module 5. Fundamentals of professional activity.
Module 6. Fundamentals of psychological and pedagogical activity.
Module 7. The phenomenon of youth movements in modern social conditions.
Module 8. Social and pedagogical aspects of professional activity.
Module 9. Working with youth in various spheres of life.
Module 10. Project module.
Module 11. Realization of socio-cultural capabilities of persons with disabilities.
Module 12. Organizational and managerial module.

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