On September 8-13th international lecturers are coming to MSUPE to talk about the Cultural-Historical and Activity Theory (CHAT) in the world scientific environment (venue: MSUPE, Sretenka– 29, Moscow)

Among the key-speakers:

the 8th of September 2014



13.00-16.10 lectures of professor Harry Daniels (University of Oxford, UK)


the 9th of September


13.00-16.10  lectures of professor Maria Serena Vegetti (Sapienza University, Roma, Italy)


the 11th of September


14.40-16.10 lectures of professor VeselinVasilev (Plovdiv University, Bulgaria)


the 12th of September




and the 13th of September


9.00-12.10 lectures of professor Manolis Dafermakis (The University of Crete, Greece)


The lectures will be given in the frame of international MA program \»Cultural-Historical and Activity Theory in Education\» in English and Russian language.