On September 17, 2017 psychology suffered an irreparable loss – Fyodor Efimovich Vasilyuk, Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Head of the Department of Individual and Group Psychotherapy of Moscow State University of Psychology & Education, founder of the Department of Psychological Counseling and his permanent dean for 15 years, the president of the Association of Understanding Psychotherapy, the Leading research fellow of the Laboratory of Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy of Psychological Institute of the Russian Academy of Education.

Fyodor Vasilyuk is the creator of Russia\’s first Center for Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy, Russia\’s first psychotherapy magazine – Moscow Psychotherapeutic Journal, Russia\’s first faculty of Psychological Counseling.

Fyodor Vasilyuk – the founder of the school of understanding psychotherapy, the author of one of the most quoted and authoritative monographs in the Russian psychology \”Psychology of Experiencing\” translated into many languages, the author of the book \”Experiencing and Prayer\”. Fyodor Efimovich made a great contribution to the development of Christian anthropology, psychology and psychotherapy, focusing on the ultimate experiences of man and his spiritual quest.

The psychological community mourns the untimely death of Fyodor Vasilyuk and expresses deep condolences to his family and relatives.