Pathopsychological Diagnostics and Psychotherapy (in clinical, psychological and pedagogical practice)

Degree level
Specialist degree
Field of training
37.05.01 Clinical Psychology
Bachelor of Psychology
5 years 6 months
Mode of attendance
Delivered by
Faculty of Counseling and Clinical Psychology, Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy


The purpose of the program: training for centers of psychological, medical and social support, organizations of the healthcare system, centers for psychological assistance to the population, social protection institutions, rehabilitation centers, educational institutions, as well as for research organizations of a psychological and other social profile.

The program is carried out by highly qualified specialists with extensive practical experience. An important element of training is special workshops, which are held directly on the basis of leading medical and educational institutions in Moscow.

The proposed program is practice-oriented: students learn the skills of applying diagnostic and psycho-corrective methods in a real situation of communication with patients, develop the skills of individual and group work, both with sick and healthy people. In the process of learning, students acquire a solid theoretical basis for further professional growth.


The area of professional activity includes research and practical activities aimed at solving complex problems of psychological diagnostics, examination and psychological assistance to citizens in public, educational, research and consulting organizations, healthcare institutions and social protection of the population, as well as in the field of private practice – the provision of psychological assistance or psychological services to individuals and legal entities.


After graduation you can work as a psychologist, a medical psychologist, a specialist (including leading and chief specialist), a manager, a consultant, etc.

Among the places of work: healthcare, subdivisions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations dealing with the problems of prevention and assistance to people with diverse manifestations of post-traumatic stress disorders; in educational institutions of various levels, in institutions of the Ministry of Justice, the field of social work, the field of personnel management, consulting in the areas of management, business and public relations, scientific institutions.


Module 1. Humanitarian, social and economic fundamentals of professional activity.
Module 2. Communication in professional interaction.
Module 3. Health-saving technologies in professional activities.
Module 4. Fundamentals of psychological and pedagogical activity.
Module 5. Natural science fundamentals of psychology.
Module 6. Fundamentals of scientific activity.
Module 7. Introduction to professional activity.
Module 8. Social psychology.
Module 9. Psychology of individual differences.
Module 10. Theoretical fundamentals of clinical psychology.
Module 11. Medical fundamentals of clinical psychology.
Module 12. Practical fundamentals of clinical psychology.
Module 13. Fundamentals of clinical and psychological intervention.
Module 14. Fundamentals of mental health and psychological prevention.
Module 15. Psychotherapy in clinical psychology.
Module 16. Psychology in expert practice.
Module 17. Fundamentals of scientific activity.

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