Organization of work with youth: managing youth projects

Program TitleOrganization of Work with Youth: Managing Youth Projects
Degree level Master
Field of training39.04.03 Organization of work with youth
QualificationYouth worker
Duration2 years 
Mode of attendance Full-time
Delivered byFaculty of Social CommunicationDepartment of Social communication and work with youth
Contact personTatiana A. Mikhailova

Program overview

Social support for young people determines the trajectory of the formation of civil society, forming skills in the field of state youth policy in the learning process, it becomes possible both empirical confirmation of the hypothesis and practical confirmation of one\’s own decisions. A student who has received a master\’s degree in the direction of organizing work with youth, self-realized as professionals in areas such as youth policy, regulating the trajectory of youth development in the social space. Graduates master create technologies that can be integrated into youth work activities.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the program, you will be able to:
– Carry out and optimize professional activities in accordance with the legal acts in the field of youth policy and the norms of professional ethics;
– Plan, coordinate and control the implementation of activities in the field of youth policy;
– Take into account the social, psychological and individual characteristics of children, adolescents, youth in the design and implementation of services in the field of youth policy;
– Plan goals and objectives of the unit and individual specialists in organizing activities in the field of work with youth;
– Teache courses, disciplines (modules) or conducting certain types of training sessions for bachelor\’s, specialist\’s, master\’s programs and additional professional programs in the field of organizing work with youth.

Career and further study opportunities

Graduates of this program work in state, municipal and commercial organizations specializing in youth policy, organize and conduct empirical research on youth issues, plan and accompany work with young people in various communities, and are responsible for providing information to young people on the implementation of youth policy. They can specialize in informal associations of children and teenagers. Graduates of the direction of organization of work with youth, specialize in methodological support for the activities of the community to work with youth. It is important that graduates can realize themselves in such areas as state youth policy, organizing methodological support and accompaniment of young people in the context of the implementation of programs of  moral and patriotic education.


Module 1 Cognitive-theoretical
Module 2 Professional interaction
Module 3 Theoretical foundations of organizing youth work
Module 4 Disciplines of professional activity

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