Organization of Correctional and Pedagogical Work with Children with Speech Development Disorders

Degree level
Master’s degree
Field of training
44.04.03 Special (Defectological) Education
2 years full-time / 2 years 4 months part-time
Mode of attendance
Full-time / part-time
Delivered by
Faculty of Clinical and Special Psychology, Department of Special (Defectological) Education

Liudmila Tishina
Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences,
Chair of the Department of Special (Defectological) Education, Associate Professor
+7 (499) 975-56-29


The first master’s program in Russia to train specialists with complex scientific knowledge on the problems of prevention and correction of writing disabilities. The program was developed according to psycholinguistic, linguodidactic, psychological and pedagogical domestic and foreign studies in the field of teaching primary reading and writing skills to children with special educational needs; correction of writing disabilities (dyslexia, dysgraphy, dysorphography).

The program is aimed at training specialists capable of developing program and methodological materials from the standpoint of neurophysiological, clinical, biological, psychological and pedagogical aspects that provide an integrated approach to the correction of writing disorders.

In the course of training, students receive up-to-date theoretical knowledge about the mechanisms of occurrence and manifestations of written language disorders, as well as practical skills in designing modern programs and selecting techniques for assistance of persons with disabilities.


Graduates are highly qualified specialists for institutions of general and inclusive education and social sphere, who possess a wide range of correctional and pedagogical techniques for work with children with learning difficulties (dysgraphy, dyslexia, dysorphography, dyscalculia, etc.). 

Graduates can:

  • develop the programs of diagnostics and correction of writing language disorders in students with special educational needs;
  • apply the traditional and innovative approaches to correction of speech disorders in children of preschool and school age with disabilities.

You can be a highly appreciated specialist working in the social sphere, in organizations meeting the people with disabilities: inclusive or specialized educational institutions of different levels; organizations for psychological, pedagogical, social and medical help.


Module 1. Actual issues of special (defectological) education. 
Module 2. Systematic approach to research work in special (defectological) education.
Module 3. Design and implementation of correctional and developmental training programs.
Module 4. Professional communication.
Module 5. Clinical and pedagogical aspects of assistance for persons with disabilities.
Module 6. Diagnostic and counseling activities in work of a speech therapist.
Module 7. Techniques of correctional and developmental training.
Module 8. Modern techniques of prevention and correction for written language disorders. 

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