International seminar of Professor Hans-Werner Gessmann in Greece “Family Reconstruction in Psychodrama”

\"Bezimyanni_5189879_13119183\"This year in May Professor Hans-Werner Gessmann (Psychotherapeutic Institute Bergerhausen, Duisburg, Germany) held a field seminar “Family Reconstruction in Psychodrama” in Greece (Ano Tyros). His work was aimed at teaching psychotherapeutic techniques in the context of humanistic psychodrama.

Professor Gessmann is the founder of this form of psychological assistance, in which the roles exchange method is used. Since 2011, the Department of Legal Psychology and Law of the Legal Psychology Faculty of MSUPE cooperates with Psychotherapeutic Institute Bergerhauzen (Duisburg, Germany), founded by Professor Gessmann. On the grounds of mutual partnership professor regularly conducts training seminars for teaching staff of our university.

\"Bezimyanni_8663726_13119236\"Seminars on the topic “Family Reconstruction in Psychodrama” were held in an old house built in traditional Greek style. The rich history of ancient Greece, the nature of Peloponnese, fresh sea air, friendly atmosphere and warm sea created favorable conditions for working in group, overcoming the difficulties of life and also filled oneself with serenity, positive emotions, cheerfulness and good mood.Participants of the seminar will remember these feelings for a long time!

\"Bezimyanni_5854380_13119254\"Psychotherapeutic work was not confined to the framework of the seminar because the interaction of the group members continued during the daily communication regardless of the type of activities (cooking, walking, etc.) Besides the group work there was extensive cultural program prepared for the participants: tours to the ancient Greek city including a visit to the archaeological museum, Greek Orthodox churches and monasteries, the famous Corinth Canal, and other sights.

After the seminar all participants received certificates of the International Center for Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy (Germany).