The visit of V. V. Rubtsov to Berlin (Germany)

\"20JPG_3316533_13084117\"In June 2014 the head of MSUPE V.V. Rubtsov visited Berlin. One of the main aims of the visit was taking part in the Russian-German tutorial \»Gemeinsam Zukunft gestalten: Schule.

Wissenschaft. Mensch\» (Building the Common Future: School. Science. Human). The tutorial was held together with the Institute of Applied Researche into the Social Sciences (Berlin, Germany). V.V. Rubtsov presented reports on the following topics: \»Russian-German Scientific Cooperation in the Field of Psychology: the Experience of the Russian-German Psychological Institute Russian Academy of Education (\»Russisch-Deutsche Wissenschaftskooperation im Bereich der Psychologie: die Erfahrung des Psychologischen Instituts der Russischen Akademie der Bildung\» and also \»Master programs and Programs with International Involvement: the MSUPE Experience\» (Joint Master programme and Programme unter internationaler Mitwirkung: die Erfahrung der Moskauer Staatliche Universiteat der Psychologie und Pedagogik\»). As the result of the tutorial, there was signed the agreement of opening the Master programs and the programs with the international involvement \»Social Psychology of Education\» in MSUPE together with the Institute of the Applied Researches Into the Social Sciences (Berlin, Germany).

12 June 2014 the head of MSUPE visited the Russian Federation Embassy in Germany.

V.V. Rubtsov also visited the inclusive school \»Paul-und-Charlotte-Kniese-Schule\» (Erich-Kurz-Straße, 610319, Berlin). There was prepared the cooperation draft agreement.

The result of the visit was the preparation of the specialized release of the \»Tätigkeitstheorie: E-Journal for Activity Theoretical Research in Germany\» magazine (together with professor G. Rueckriem). MSUPE presented seven scientific articles prepared by MSUPE staff on the topic of the cultural and historical and the activity psychology.