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Natalia Bogdanovich

Faculty of Legal and Forensic Psychology,
Department of Legal and Forensic Psychology, and Law

Associate Professor

+7 (495) 632-99-97
Work schedule: Mon.-Fri., 10:00-18:00
Address: Moscow, Sretenka str., 29, room 306

Academic degree: Candidate of Psychological Sciences, (19.00.01 General Psychology, Personality Psychology, History of Psychology (2004)
Education level: higher education, MCU (1999)
Direction of training and (or) specialty: psychologist, psychology teacher
Qualification: psychologist
Total work experience: 22 years
Work experience in the field: 22 years (15 years in MSUPE)
Scientific interests:

  • Legal and forensic psychology;
  • Professional development of legal and forensic psychologists;
  • Psychology of self-development;
  • The influence of various socialization factors (Internet, cartoons, computer games, mass media, subcultures, etc.) on human development;
  • Group processes and their impact on human development

Taught courses:

  • Actual issues of legal and forensic psychology
  • Introduction to legal and forensic psychology
  • The system of professional activity of a deviantologist
  • Psychologist in the system of professional activity (judicial context)
  • Group methods in psychology
  • Professional communication training
  • Professional self-development training
  • Psychology of self-development
  • Special training
  • Educational practice
  • Psychological and pedagogical practice
  • Psychocorrective practice
  • Internship
  • Pre-graduate practice
  • Scientific and methodological seminar
  • Supervision of master’s degree students

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Grants and competitions:
From 2019 to the present – an internal MSUPE grant for research on the topic “Development of a model for profiling online behavior of minors and young adults in social networks” (three stages).

2018 – implementation of work for the development and testing of advanced training programs (including an educational and methodological complex) for educational psychologists of educational organizations of all levels of education on the prevention of deviant behavior of students in the educational environment of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

2014-2015 – participation in the development of the module “Psychological prevention of behavioral disorders and developmental abnormalities”, which is part of the master’s program “School Psychology” in the direction of training 44.04.02. “Psychological and Pedagogical Education”. The content of the module “Psychological prevention of behavioral disorders and developmental abnormalities” was developed in the course of work under the State Contract No. of May 23, 2014 on performance of works (rendering of services) according to the project No. 2014-04.03-05-043-F-107.056 “Development and approbation of new modules of the main professional educational program of the professional (pedagogical) magistracy within the enlarged group of specialties “Education and pedagogy” in the direction of training “Psychological and pedagogical education” (Teacher-psychologist) on the basis of the organization of a network interaction of educational organizations implementing programs of higher education and general education, and involving in-depth professionally-oriented practice of students”

Project management within the framework of MSUPE Innovation Program (2007-2008).

Participation in editorial boards of scientific journals:
Member of the Editorial Board of the journal “Psychology and Law”

Achievements and rewards:
In 2017-2018, awarded the Honorary Badge “Silver Psi” for services to the development of the University. Decision of the Academic Council No. 15 of November 29, 2017. Order No. 40-1-04/772 dated December 01, 2017

Diploma of the Department of Education of Moscow

Professional development and (or) professional retraining:

2012 Short-term professional development of the teaching staff of higher pedagogical education in the field of introduction of innovative learning technologies 72 hours (MCU).

2012 «Methoden des Humanistischen Psychodramas: Theorie und Parxis».

2015 Professional development program of the teaching staff and staff of educational and methodological services for the design and implementation of the main professional educational programs of the master’s degree in an enlarged group of specialties “Education and pedagogy” (training area – Psychological and pedagogical education), involving an increase in research work and practice of students in networking with educational organizations of various levels 72 hours (MSUPE).

2015 Professional development program for performers of projects on the development of new modules of the main professional educational programs of the professional (pedagogical) magistracy 72 hours (MSUPE).

2016 Additional professional education “Creation and application of distance learning courses” 72 hours (MSUPE).

2021 “Organization of distance learning in Cisco Webex Meetings” 72 hours (MSUPE)

ResearchGate  Google Scholar   SPIN RSCI: 9557-0818   ORCID: 0000-0003-1507-9420   ResearcherID: K-5422-2013

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