Modern Techniques
in Psychological Practice

Degree level
Master's degree
Field of training
44.04.02 Psychological and Pedagogical Education
2 years
Mode of attendance
Delivered by
Faculty of Social Psychology, Department of Theoretical Fundamentals of Social Psychology

Marianna Sachkova
Doctor of Psychological Sciences,

ORCID: 0000-0003-2982-8410

Contact person

Natalia Shishlova
Study & Methodology Specialist


The program was developed on the basis of modern experience in the effective training of masters in psychology, as well as the requirements for the qualification of psychologists in the conditions of the current stage of development of society. 

The objects of professional activity of masters are: socio-psychological features of the group development of social communities in organizations and institutions of various types; socio-psychological phenomena that determine interpersonal and intergroup relations, communication and socio-psychological characteristics of personal development; basic principles of training and consulting professional activities, focused on the harmonization of relations, increasing the effectiveness of interpersonal and intergroup interaction, psychological productivity of joint activities.

The master’s program prepares practical psychologists, educational psychologists, heads of psychological support services, psychologists-trainers, psychologists-consultants in organizations of various types. Students are taught to effectively solve practical problems of various types based on the use of modern technologies in psychological practice, including the optimization of interpersonal relationships, communication and social interaction.


By the end of the program you will be able to:

  • develop programs to increase psychological security and prevent psychological distress for various categories of the population and develop scientific and methodological support for their implementation;
  • organize psychological support and psychological assistance to socially vulnerable groups of the population;
  • plan and carry out correctional and developmental work with various categories of the population;
  • provide psychological assistance to social groups and individuals who find themselves in a difficult life situation;
  • design a strategy for individual and group correctional and developmental work with students based on the results of diagnosing the mental development of students;
  • consult the subjects of the educational process;
  • design organizational and methodological support for programs and activities for the development and socialization of students;
  • implement programs and measures to prevent social and psychological and pedagogical risks in the development of students;
  • conduct educational activities of subjects of educational relations, interdepartmental teams and vulnerable groups of the population.

Graduates of the master’s program can carry out professional activities in organizations of various types, including preschool, general education, secondary specialized and higher educational institutions; scientific, industrial and commercial organizations; psychological support and rehabilitation services, family counseling, advertising agencies, etc.


Module 1. Research and forecasting in education.
Module 2. Management in education.
Module 3. Design and expertise of the effectiveness of programs in education and the social sphere/
Module 4. Modern problems of social psychology.
Module 5. Technologies for development of individual and group.
Module 6. Consultative and training work of a psychologist-practitioner.

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