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Information Technologies


Marina Sorokova

Faculty of Information Technologies, Department of Applied Mathematics

Associate Professor,
Head of Scientific and Practical Center for Comprehensive Support of Psychological Research "PsyDATA"

+7 (499) 256-66-17
Address: Moscow, Otkrytoe shosse, 24, building 27, room 411

Academic degree: Doctor of Educational Sciences (2004), Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (1992)
Education level: Higher education
Lomonosov Moscow State University (1987)
Field of training and (or) specialty: Mathematics 

Qualification: Mathematician
Professional development and (or) professional retraining:

  • 2020, training courses, National Research Nuclear University MEPHI, “Practical application of machine learning methods in the data-driven approach”
  • 2020, training courses, MSUPE, “Scientific communication of a psychologist: the main forms of presentation of research results in English”
  • 2018, training courses, MSUPE, “Creation of electronic training courses in the MOODLE system for the implementation of educational programs at the university”
  • 2018, Clarivate Analytics online seminar series “Practical recommendations for publication in International Journals” 
  • 2015, training courses, MSUPE, “Advanced training program for university teachers in inclusive education with the use of e-learning, distance learning technologies “Inclusive education of students with disabilities and HIA with the use of e-learning, distance learning technologies” 
  • 2012, training courses, the laboratory “Humanitarian Technologies”, “Design and application of knowledge tests in the system of monitoring the quality of education at the university” 
  • 2003, Doctoral studies, Moscow Pedagogical State University (MPSU), “General Pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education” 
  • 1993, one-year courses, International Montessori Association (AMI) at the Munich Socio–Pediatric Center

Total work experience: 29 years
Work experience in the field: 28 years

Scientific interests:

  • Digital technologies in higher education, opportunities and risks of learning in a digital environment by means of electronic courses
  • Mathematical methods of empirical data analysis in psychological and pedagogical research
  • M. Montessori pedagogical system in Russia and abroad

Taught disciplines:

  • Mathematical methods in psychology (bachelor’s degree)
  • Quantitative analysis of empirical data (bachelor’s degree)
  • Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics (bachelor’s degree)
  • Statistical methods and mathematical modeling in Psychology (specialist’s degree)
  • Research methodology in clinical psychology (specialist’s degree)
  • Statistical and mathematical methods in psychological and pedagogical research (master’s degree)
  • Workshop: data processing of psychological and pedagogical research in SPSS (master’s degree)
  • Scientific and methodological seminar (master’s degree)
  • Education and training of preschoolers according to the M. Montessori system 

Participation in the editorial boards of scientific journals:

  • Member of the Joint Dissertation Council D-999.035.02 at the MSUPE and the Academy of Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.
  • Member of the editorial board of the journal “Psychological and pedagogical research”.

Achievements and rewards:

G.I. Chelpanov Medal (II degree) “For contribution to the development of psychological science” (2014)

Projects (grants):

  • “Development of methodological recommendations on the functioning of psychological services in general education organizations”, state contract No. 2020-02-K dated October 28, 2020.
  • “Educational and methodological support of the activities of regional resource centers of higher education for the disabled”, State contract No. dated 25.04.2016.
  • Developed an adapted educational and methodological complex (AUMC) on the discipline “Mathematical methods in psychology”, including online courses for students with disabilities aimed at the formation of general professional competencies. Developed online courses for networking in the discipline “Mathematical methods in psychology” for students with visual and hearing impairments, with injuries of the musculoskeletal system.
  • “Introduction of a competence-based approach in the development and testing of the main professional educational programs of higher education in the UGSN “Education and pedagogical sciences (bachelor’s degree, master’s and postgraduate studies, profile “Teacher of primary general education”)”, State contract No. dated 06/14/2016.
  • Activities within the state task on the topic “Monitoring the identification of gifted children” (CCDE MSUPE, 2012 – 2013).
  • Joint project of PI RAS and MSUPE on the topic “An integrated approach to the diagnosis of metasubject results of primary school education in accordance with new educational standards”, Moscow (2011 – 2012).

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