Legal and Forensic Psychology, and Childhood: Expertise, Support and Prevention

Degree level
Master's degree
Field of training
37.04.01 Psychology
2 years
Mode of attendance
Delivered by
Faculty of Psychology, Department of Legal Psychology and Law

Natalia Bogdanovich
Candidate of Psychological Sciences, 
Assistant Professor
ORCID: 0000-0003-1507-9420


Marina Semenova
Education & Methodology Specialist


The program introduces students to the problems of children and adolescents in difficult life and legally relevant situations. These are children who are victims of domestic violence and crime, bullying and cyberbullying. Children from disadvantaged families, deprived of parental care. Children exhibiting deviant and delinquent behavior, juvenile offenders. Children immersed in the Internet and living outside social norms in a different reality. All of them are our children.

The master’s program allows you to develop and apply in practice technologies for working with such children. Each module immerses students in a specific type of psychologist’s activities, including theory, projects, and practice under the guidance of experienced professionals. As a result of training, the graduate receives a portfolio containing both his practical developments and scientific publications included in the RSCI.


By the end of the program you will be able to:

  • to recognize the needs of social practice of working with children and adolescents in legally relevant situations;
  • use theoretical approaches to problems in real professional activities;
  • explore the psychological characteristics of children using psychodiagnostic research;
  • improve the psychological state and problem behavior of children by methods of psycho-correction;
  • develop the personal potential of children through trainings;
  • conduct psychological counseling with children and their families;
  • master the basics of forensic psychological expertise;
  • provide support for children in the judicial and investigative process;
  • develop your own programs of psychological assistance to children and adolescents in legally relevant situations;
  • publish the results of your research;
  • contribute to the improvement of the situation of children and adolescents and to the development of the legal and forensic psychology of childhood.

You can work as a researcher and practitioner at the intersection of psychology and legal sciences and practices in a wide variety of institutions and departments. These are institutions of the social sphere: education (from preschool institutions and schools to universities), social protection of the population, organizations for family and youth affairs, guardianship and trusteeship bodies. Our graduates work in law enforcement and justice authorities, the penitentiary system. Your competences will also allow you to work in scientific and public organizations related to the protection of the rights and interests of children.


Module 1. Theoretical studies.
Module 2. Research activities and methods of psychological research.
Module 3. Professional interaction.
Module 4. Disciplines of professional activity (1).
Module 5. Disciplines of professional activity (2).

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