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Inga Konopleva

Faculty of Legal and Forensic Psychology,
Department of Clinical amd Forensic Psychology

Associate Professor,
Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the "Psychology and Law" Journal

+7 (926) 044-76-70

Academic degree: Candidate of Psychological Sciences (2005, 19.00.06 Legal and Forensic Psychology, dissertation on “The personal component of the psychological readiness of police officers to use firearms and its change in the training process”)
Academic title: associate professor
Education level: higher education, Faculty of Psychology, Rostov State University (1998)
Direction of training and (or) specialty: psychology
Qualification: psychologist, psychology teacher

Professional development and (or) professional retraining:

  • “Modern dynamic learning process: who should change and how?” Narva, Narva College of the University of Tartu, August 2017, 8 h.
  • “Modern approaches to the prevention of violence and popularization of the culture of peace in educational institutions” UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education, 12.06-09.07.2017, 72 h.
  • “Andragogy: how to teach adults” Moscow, Institute of Development of Further Professional Education, 2016, 72 h.
  • “International approaches to the organization of preventive work on HIV/AIDS with adolescents at risk”, Belarus, April 25-June 5, 2016, 36 h.
  • “Psychological and pedagogical support of the educational process of a teacher within the framework of the Federal State Educational Standard. Module. Psychological and pedagogical aspects of andragogy” 72 h, Novosibirsk, 2016
  • “Teplyakova’s game technique” (SPpo). Educational techniques for children aged 6 months to 5 years, 2015.
  • “Psychological and pedagogical foundations of inclusive education of students with disabilities and disabilities using e-learning, distance learning technologies”, 72 hours, MSUPE, Moscow, 2015
  • “Medical and forensic psychology” 144 h., V.P. Serbsky Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Moscow, 2013
  • “Methods of psychotherapy in working with maladapted adolescents and families at risk”, H.-V. Gessmann, 24 h., MSUPE, Moscow, 2013
  • “Psychotherapeutic methods in the concept of humanistic psychodrama”, H.-V. Gessmann, 18 h., MSUPE, Moscow, 2012
  • “Design and application of knowledge tests in the system of monitoring the quality of education at the university”, Laboratory “Humanitarian Technologies”, Moscow State University, Moscow, 2011
  • “Pedagogy and psychology of the development of modern childhood”, Arzamas State Pedagogical Institute named after A.P. Gagarin, 10 h., 2011
  •  “Problems of the development of modern professional education” (Teaching in the form of contextual learning by A.A. Verbitsky), 72 h., Research Center MSIS, Moscow, 2009
  • “HTML and CSS (basics of web design / web mastering)”. Computer Training Center “Specialist” at Bauman Moscow State Technical University, 32 h., Moscow, 2009
  • “Effective text content of corporate and business websites”, Computer Training Center “Specialist” at Bauman Moscow State Technical University, 8 h., Moscow, 2009
  • The course of professional training in the field of computer psychosemantic analysis using the editor of semantic databases of the Research Institute of Psychotechnologies, Moscow, 2008
  • Training at the School of Pedagogical Excellence of the Rostov Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, 293 h., Rostov-on-Don, 2006
  •  “Fundamentals of legal and forensic  psychology”, Institute of Psychology, Management and Business of Rostov State University, 20h., Rostov-on-Don, 2002
  • “SCENAR therapy and SCENAR expertise”, specialization in energy informatics – exposure by means of a hardware-biological complex (electropulse effect on skin areas with a SCENAR device), OKB “Rhythm”, Taganrog, 2000
  • “Topical issues of medical psychology (psychodiagnostics) in the system of professional psychological selection and medical and psychological support of ATS”, All-Russian Institute for Advanced Training of Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, 108 h., Moscow, 1999
  • “Medical and forensic psychology”, Sechenov University, 72 h., Moscow, 1999

Total work experience: 29 years
Work experience in the field: 24 years

Scientific interests:

  • Psychological service in the system of law enforcement agencies
  • Psychological selection for service in law enforcement agencies
  • Psychological support of operational and official activities of law enforcement officers
  • Training of law enforcement officers to work in extreme conditions
  • Psychological rehabilitation of law enforcement officers after working in extreme conditions
  • Professional deformation of the personality of law enforcement officers
  • Image of a police officer
  • Criminal psychology and victimology
  • Victimological aspects of some types of crimes
  • Mental illnesses and their influence on the commission of a crime (criminal pathopsychology)
  • Personality features of pedagogical, medical workers and the problem of emotional burnout
  • Value-semantic sphere of personality and legal awareness
  • Psychological features and psychotherapy of addictions – food, gaming, drug, alcohol
  • Psychological features of psychotherapy of psychosomatic diseases
  • Psychological features of humor

Taught disciplines:

  • Psychology of deviant behavior
  • Psychology of legal professions
  • Victimology
  • Criminal psychology
  • Legal and Forensic Psychology
  • Regulatory and legal bases of the psychologist’s activity

Grants and competitions:

  • “Psychological difficulties of professional formation of the teaching staff of senior management in educational institutions (on the example of secondary schools)”, Department of Education of Moscow, 2017.
  • “Monitoring the professionalism of heads of educational complexes and candidates for leadership positions”, Department of Education of Moscow, 2016
  • “Monitoring of professionally important qualities of managers of large educational complexes and candidates for leadership positions”, Department of Education of Moscow, 2015
  • “Research of professionally important qualities of applicants for senior positions of enlarged educational complexes of Moscow”, Department of Education of Moscow, 2014
  • “Development and testing of methods for diagnosing professionally important qualities of senior personnel in large educational complexes”, Department of Education of Moscow, 2013
  • “Drug Addiction and Suicide among youth: an interdisciplinary study”, RSSF Grant No.12-06-00719a, 2012
  • “Modern psychological and pedagogical techniques for the prevention of deviant and addictive behavior of students in the cultural and educational environment of an educational institution”, Research in education (institutional grant), 2011
  • “Russia in a Multipolar World: the Image of a country”, RSSF Grant No.10-06-14219, 2010

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