From 24 to 31 October a delegation of the Institute of Applied Research in Social Sciences (Berlin, Germany) visited MSUPE

Visits of thedelegation of the Institute of applied research in social sciences (Berlin, Germany) becomea nice tradition for MSUPE. It is already the fourth semester when a Master’s program “Social psychology in education” is realized on the Faculty of Social psychology with participation of our German colleagues – professor G. Hennig, Deputy Director of the Institute of Applied Research in Social Sciences, and B. Danike, Director of secondary school of Berlin.

In the 1st semester of the 2015-2016 academic year the visit of Professor G. Hennig and Ms. B. Danike took place from 24 to 31 October. The program of the visit was very intensive and included not only academic classes.Our guests participated in the meeting of the Academic Council in PI RAS with reports on the following subjects: \”Inclusive education in Germany\” and \”Achieving inclusion with the help of inclusive practices\”; took part in scientific-practical conference \”Psychological assistance with the usage of remote technologies to socially vulnerable persons \” organized by the Faculty of Distance learning of MSUPE and by the Federation of online psychologists-consultants; held a series of seminars for teachers of secondary schools on the subject of inclusion, social and cooperative learning.

In any event Professor G. Hennig and Ms. B. Danike are happy to share their positive experience in the implementation of inclusive lifestyle in practice. Their speeches are greeted with great warmth and interest both of students and academic community, meetings are accompanied by lots of questions and by the creation of new and useful professional contacts.

MSUPE is grateful to Professor G. Hennig and Ms. B. Danike for productive work, their contribution to the academic life of the University and new ideas for cooperation.