Experimental Psychology

Degree level
Bachelor degree
Field of training
37.03.01 Psychology
4 years
Mode of attendance
Delivered by
Institute of Experimental Psychology

Vladimir Selivanov
Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor
Head of the Department of General Psychology
ORCID: 0000-0002-8386-591X


The educational program “Experimental Psychology” (Bachelor’s degree) is aimed at training specialists in the field of experimental psychology, within the framework of which students develop professional competencies that allow, first of all, to apply psychological knowledge and skills in the scientific field. The main type of activity mastered within the framework of this program is research activity.

The main feature of the organization and implementation of training is the use in the educational process of the scientific and pedagogical potential of the Institute of Experimental Psychology. Employees of the Research and Educational Centre “Experimental Psychology” (CEP), the laboratory “Neurocognitive Studies of Individual Experience”, professors of the Department of General Psychology conduct both lectures and practical classes with students in unique disciplines of the curriculum.


During their study in the main professional educational program of higher education “Experimental Psychology”, the students master:

  • theoretical and methodological foundations for organizing and conducting experimental research in psychology;
  • the basis of the experiment with the use of a wide range of natural scientific methods: the method of eye tracking (registration of eye movements during the perception of environmental objects); method of brain-computer interface; polygraph; method of polypositional observation; methods for registering psychophysiological indicators, etc.
  • methods of qualitative and quantitative processing of experimental data (data analysis in SPSS, MATLAB, R and Python environment)
  • methods of modelling mental processes (programming in Psychology);
  • methods for identifying cross-cultural and age patterns, as well as individual characteristics of information perception, etc.

The bachelor’s program “Experimental Psychology” is focused on training specialists capable of working as psychologists in the field of education, health care, culture, sports, law, management, teacher-psychologists, assistants to a psychologist in activities related to diagnostic and corrective work in organizations and institutions of various type, as well as the implementation of research activities. Bachelor’s graduates can continue their education in Master’s programs in Cognitive Psychology, implemented at the Institute of Experimental Psychology.


Module 1. Humanitarian, social and economic fundamentals of professional activity.
Module 2. Communication in professional interaction.
Module 3. Health-saving techniques in professional activities.
Module 4. Fundamentals of psychological and pedagogical activity.
Module 5. Natural science fundamentals of psychology.
Module 6. Fundamentals of scientific activity. 
Module 7. Introduction to professional activity.
Module 8. Social psychology.
Module 9. Psychology of individual differences.
Module 10. Clinical psychology.

Modules of the basic variable part and elective disciplines:

  • Fundamentals of scientific activity
  • General psychological (variable) module
  • Experimental studies of perception
  • Experiment in the study of cognitive processes
  • Experimental studies of emotional and volitional processes
  • Experimental studies of socio-psychological phenomena
  • Cross-cultural psychological research
  • Mathematical modelling and programming in psychology
  • Areas of practical activity of a psychologist
  • Study of the psyche of animals

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