Erasmus Staff Training Week in Romania

\"\"On April, 24 – 28 2017 MSUPE specialists (Igor Barkan — Office of International Affairs, Valeria Shorokhova — Department of Cross-cultural Psychology and Intercultural education) took part in the Erasmus Staff Training Week 4th edition organized by the West University of Timișoara (Universitatea de Vest din Timişoara, Romania). 

The Training week joined representatives from 26 universities of European Union and partner countries (Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Macedonia, Poland, Spain, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, South Africa, Serbia).
The programme contained: acquaintance with the West University of Timișoara, presentations of participant universities, the Erasmus+ programmes’ presentation, job shadowing sessions, different social and networking activities.
Erasmus Staff Training Week gave MSUPE participants an opportunity to:

  • \"\"discuss the perspectives of educational and scientific collaboration with the staff members of the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology and Dr. D. Moza, a specialist working in the area of cross-cultural and social psychology;
  • sign a Cooperation Agreement between MSUPE and West University of Timișoara;
  • complete an Erasmus+ assignment agreement to West University of Timișoara for MSUPE students and professors on the fall semester;
  • complete an Erasmus+ assignment agreement to MSUPE for West University of Timișoara students on the fall semester;
  • schedule a visit agreement to MSUPE for Dr. M.L. Năchescu, West University of Timişoara International strategy coordinator.

Moscow State University of Psychology & Education express gratitude to colleagues in West University of Timișoara for the interesting and informative programme and is looking forward for further cooperation!


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