Bachelor's degree

A bachelor’s degree takes about four years for full-time students to complete. During the first two years of undergraduate study, each student takes general education courses — sometimes called core curriculum. These courses generally include introductory subjects in composition, science, and math, as well as electives that offer students a chance to explore or build on their interests. During third and fourth years students commit educational plan that involves specific advanced courses and completing coursework.

Study areas

37.03.01 Psychology

44.03.02 Psychological and Pedagogical Education

44.03.03 Special (Defectological) Education

39.03.03 Organization of work with young people

02.03.03 Mathematical Support and Administration of Information Systems

09.03.03 Applied Informatics

45.03.02 Linguistics

Master's degree

Master’s is a form of training for advanced specialists. Master’s degree is a kind of an intermediate stage on the way of preparation for teaching and research activities. Master’s graduates should always be aware of modern information technologies and methods for processing and obtaining scientific information, as well as have a solid scientific base and methodology of scientific works.

For admission to a master’s program, you must have a bachelor’s degree.

Study areas

37.04.01 Psychology

44.04.02 Psychological and Pedagogical Education

44.04.03 Special (Defectological) Education

09.04.03 Applied Informatics

39.04.02 Social Work

39.04.03 Organization of Work with Young People

45.04.02 Linguistics

Specialist degree

Unlike a bachelor degree, the specialist degree gives not only fundamental, but also practical preparation. You will be able to be engaged in professional sphere right after the end of education, to continue education in for master’s degree or to be engaged in scientific activity in a postgraduate study. The course is designed for 5 years.

Study areas

37.05.01 Clinical Psychology

55.05.01 Film and Television Direction

Doctorate degree

Doctorate education is aimed at training researchers, colleges and universities teachers.  For entering it is required to have a Master’s or a Specialist’s degree (graduate programs). Full-time doctorate education in Russia takes 3-4 years. The main objective of a young scientist is to conduct a full study with elements of scientific novelty and to successfully defend a thesis to obtain the doctorate degree (PhD). Doctorate students have the right to hold the position of a technician or an assistant at the department.

Study areas

02.06.01 Computer and Information Sciences

37.06.01 Psychological Sciences

44.06.01 Education and Pedagogical Sciences

45.06.01 Linguistics and Literary Studies

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