Dvoryanchikov Nikolai Viktorovich

Dean of the Faculty of Legal Psychology, Member of the Academic Council of the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, Chairman of the Educational and Methodological Council, Professor of the Department of Clinical and Forensic Psychology of the Faculty of Legal Psychology

academic degree: candidate of psychological sciences

academic title: associate professor

level of education: higher education

– Faculty of Psychology, Moscow State University. M. V. Lomonosov (1995)

– Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education National Research University Higher School of Economics. Institute of Education. Direction of study 38.04.02 Management, master’s program “Management in Higher Education” (2018)

name of the direction of training and (or) specialty: Psychology

qualification: Psychologist, teacher of psychology

total work experience: 30 years

professional experience: 25 years

awards, prizes, titles:

  • Awarded with a diploma from the Academy of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs “for assistance and assistance in the professional and moral education of personnel and in increasing the prestige of internal affairs bodies in society” (2019)
  • Awarded with a diploma of the Department of Education of the city of Moscow, “for effective fruitful work in the system of higher professional education, a significant contribution to the training of qualified personnel for educational institutions of the city of Moscow” (2015)
  • Awarded with a diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science “for significant achievements in the field of education and many years of conscientious work” (2017)
  • Awarded with the “Golden PSI” for merits in the development of the university (2017)
  • Awarded with a diploma of the laureate of the All-Russian competition for the best scientific book in 2011 for the book “Sexual Self-Consciousness and Methods of its Diagnostics”, Foundation for the Development of Domestic Education, Sochi, 2012
  • There are thanks from the Rector of MSUPU

professional activity:

Under the leadership of Dvoryanchikov N.V. the scientific and practical activities of the strategic direction “Creating a system for protecting and ensuring the rights and interests of children and child-friendly justice” of the National Strategy are directly implemented:

– training of personnel in the higher education system within the framework of educational programs of all levels of training, aimed at training specialists capable of solving various tasks of accompanying children and adolescents who find themselves in difficult life situations

– participation in scientific and practical research in the field of prevention and correction of illegal behavior of adolescents.

– participation in the provision of scientific and methodological assistance to specialists of psychological, medical and pedagogical commissions and councils, specialists and heads of educational organizations in terms of identifying vital and educational needs and determining the conditions for obtaining education for children with deviant (socially dangerous) behavior.

– participation in the provision of advice to parents (legal representatives), employees of educational organizations and other interested organizations and persons on the issues of education, training and correction of developmental disorders of children with deviant (socially dangerous) behavior

Dvoryanchikov N.V. a significant contribution has been made to the coverage of the conceptual scientific, theoretical and applied foundations for the prevention of various forms of criminal behavior, psychological problems of children, adolescents and their families in a legally significant context. He is the editor-in-chief of the scientific and practical journal “Psychology and Law” on the platform http://psyjournals.ru/, which publishes works performed at the intersection of psychology, legal sciences, and forensic psychiatry. The journal has specialized sections “Psychology of deviant and criminal behavior” and “Juvenile legal psychology”, within which topical materials are published on the prevention of illegal behavior of children and adolescents).

Dvoryanchikov N.V. took part in the development of recommendations for organizing and conducting a diagnostic examination of minors with deviant and delinquent behavior, packages of methods for identifying children with mild and severe behavioral disorders, as well as for assessing the behavior of children with severe and mild behavioral disorders in dynamics. The diagnostic methods and guidelines for their use developed and tested in two regions of the Russian Federation will create the prerequisites for the use by specialists of psychological, medical and pedagogical commissions of unified systemic and methodological approaches to conducting a comprehensive psychological, medical and pedagogical examination of children, preparing, based on the results of the survey, recommendations for providing psychological, medical and pedagogical assistance to children and the organization of their education and upbringing.

With the active participation and under the leadership of Dvoryanchikov N.V. unique educational programs have been developed that are implemented in the system of higher professional education on the basis of the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education – “Legal psychology and childhood: examination, support, prevention” – in the direction of preparation 37.04.01 – Psychology (master’s program; full-time education) – aims to train specialists capable of solving a wide range of problems in relation to the problems of children, adolescents and their families, those who are in difficult life and legally significant situations, when the planning and provision of psychological assistance directly depend on the legal context; “Psychological and pedagogical prevention of deviant behavior” – specialty 44.05.01 – Pedagogy and psychology of deviant behavior (specialist training program; full-time education) – a broad-profile program aimed at the formation of such competencies as: “the ability to conduct a psychological and pedagogical examination of the personal and social development of children, adolescents and adults, preventive programs and activities, educational measures, the educational environment from the standpoint of preventing deviant behavior of children and adolescents.”

information on advanced training and (or) professional retraining:

“Training of experts, heads of expert groups of representatives of expert organizations for inclusion in the register of experts and expert organizations involved in assessing the quality of education for certification of professional qualifications”, 72 hours,

International Business Academy, MiK LLC (2014)

Advanced training program “Management in the system of higher education” 144 hours ANN NO “MIIGU im. P.A. Stolypin, (2017)

Advanced training program “Improving the activities of accredited experts in the context of the implementation of the state service for accreditation in electronic form” 24 hours, JV “SODRUZHESTVO” LLC, (2017)

Advanced training program “State and municipal management: new tools and technologies”, 36 hours, GOU VO MO MOSCOW STATE REGIONAL UNIVERSITY (2018)

Advanced training program “Leader and team building”, 36 hours, GOU VO MO MOSCOW STATE REGIONAL UNIVERSITY (2018)

Advanced training program “Combating corruption in the system of higher education”, ANN NO “MIIGU named after M.I. P.A. Stolypin, 36 hours, (2019)

Advanced training program “Motivation and stimulation of the labor activity of the organization’s personnel”, CNO RosNOU, 72 hours, (2019)

Advanced training program “Project management of the organization”, CNO RosNOU, 72 hours, (2019)

Professional retraining “Mediator training program”

non-profit research organization “International Institute of Informatization and Public Administration named after. P.A. Stolypin, 576 hours, (June-December 2021)

taught disciplines:

Clinical psychology of sexual disorders

Clinical psychology

Psychology of abnormal sexual behavior

participation in the editorial boards of scientific journals:

Editor-in-chief of the journal “Psychology and Law”

Member of the editorial board of journals:

“Legal Psychology”

“Psychology” (Lithuania)

International Journal of Cognitive Research in Science, Engineering and Education (IJCRSEE) (Serbia)

Membership in the International society for the study of behavioral development (ISSBD).

achievements and awards:

Diploma of the Department of Education of the city of Moscow, (2015)

scientific interests:

gender identity, adaptation and self-regulation

gender aspects of deviant behavior

sexual anomalies and gender identity disorders

main publications: author of more than 200 publications, including:

will be soon

information about publishing activity:

Total publications – 201

Number of publications in elibrary.ru – 201

Number of publications in the RSCI – 195

Number of publications included in the RSCI core – 93

Hirsch index for publications in the RSCI – 19

Hirsch index WOS – 4

Hirsch index Scopus – 4

SPIN RSCI: 6908-0030

ORCID: 0000-0003-1462-5469

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E-mail: dnv@mgppu.ru