Developmental Psychology
& Age Psychology

Degree level
Bachelor degree
Field of training
37.03.01 Psychology
Clinical psychologist
4 years
Mode of attendance
Delivered by
Faculty of Psychology of Education, Department of Developmental Psychology named after Professor L.F. Obukhova

Irina Shapovalenko
+7 (495) 632-99-59


The program:

  • provides information about the fundamentals of age and developmental psychology;
  • introduces strategies, methods and techniques for examining the developmental processes; 
  • gives the knowledge about the age periodizations from the point of view of various classical scientific concepts;
  • leads to an understanding of the cultural-historical approach in the study of mental development;
  • forms ideas about age-psychological characteristics at each stage of ontogenetic development;
  • forms a system of ideas about development as a fundamental psychological issue; 
  • gives knowledge about the general patterns of mental development in ontogenesis. 

Among the covered topics: the processes of mental development throughout the life (from birth to old age), family problems, ways to increase parental competence, gifted children, children with learning difficulties, personality development in adolescence and at the stage of maturity.


A graduate of the program is a specialist in developmental psychology, periodization of human age development, methods of research and diagnostics. They can provide psychological assistance, create a system of psychological education and prevention.

The formed competences are related to:

  • practical activity (the ability to implement programs aimed at preventing social and developmental deviations, professional risks in various activities; the ability to identify the specifics of a person’s mental functioning, taking into account the characteristics of age stages, development crises and risk factors, its belonging to gender, ethnic, professional and other social groups, etc);
  • research activities (the ability to set professional tasks in research and practical activities, etc);
  • pedagogical activity (the ability to design, implement and evaluate the educational process, taking into account modern active and interactive teaching methods and innovative technologies).

Graduates of the program can work in kindergartens, developmental and counseling centers, schools, geriatric centers, human resources departments, HR departments as psychologists, educational psychologists, and personnel specialists.


Module 1. Humanitarian, Social and Economic Fundamentals of Professional Activity.
Module 2. Communication in a Professional Interaction.
Module 3. Health-saving Technologies in Professional Activity.
Module 4. Fundamentals Of Psychological and Pedagogical Activities.
Module 5. The Scientific Basis of Psychology.
Module 6. Fundamentals of Scientific Activities.
Module 7. Introduction to Professional Activity.
Module 8. Social Psychology.
Module 9. Psychology of Individual Differences.
Module 10. Clinical Psychology.
Module 11. General Problems of Developmental Psychology.
Module 12. Mental Development during Childhood.
Module 13. Mental Development during Adulthood.
Module 14. Prospects And Limitations of Development in Adulthood.

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