Cross-cultural communication trainings with the Italian students

\"Итальянцы\"During the term, students of Ethnopsychology department in MSUPE organized several cross-cultural communication trainings with the students of Sapienza University of Rome and the University of Urbino \»Carlo Bo\» (Italy), who are doing their interships in MSUPE within the framework of student exchange program. Interaction with the Italian culture is a great experience for the ethnopsychology department students,results of the training will form the basis of their qualification works.

During the training the foreign students met Russian customs and traditions, folklore literature, traditional Russian folk games and entertainments, and presented their cultural values in the form of a\"Итальянцы2\" game. As a result of the cross-cultural communication training students have found out that there is much in common between Russian and Italian cultures, and these similarities undoubtedly unite and bring us together.

The Italian students enjoyed the cross-cultural communication trainings,they also hoped that such a collaboration is to be continued.