Clinical and Special Psychology

The Faculty of Clinical and Special Psychology of MSUPE was created to prepare highly qualified professionals who can provide psychological assistance to persons with disabilities, including children with developmental disorders, their families and close people.

The main objectives of the Faculty of Clinical and Special Psychology:
• to develop students:
— basic knowledge of general, developmental, clinical and special psychology
— competence in the field of psychological assistance to children and adults with disabilities in terms of educational institutions, clinical, counseling and rehabilitation centers, etc.
• advanced training and retraining of psychologists, teachers and other specialists working with abnormalities of children and adults
• participation in state and other programs aimed at strengthening the mental and moral health of children and adolescents
• training of researchers


Directions of training and specialties:

• 44.03.03 Special (defectological) education, qualification \»Bachelor\», profiles — Educational support to children with learning difficulties, Speech therapy, Deaf-and-dumb pedagogy (full-time education, 4-year training)
• 37.05.01 Clinical psychology, qualification \»clinical psychologist\», specialization — Clinical and psychological assistance to the child and family (full-time and part-time form of education, 5.5-years training)
• 37.04.01 Psychology, qualification \»Master\», Master Program of Clinical Psychology (full-time education, 2-year training period)
• 44.04.02 Psycho¬-pedagogical education, qualification \»Master\», master’s programs in: Psychosocial rehabilitation in social sphere, Psycho-pedagogical correction of developmental disorders in children, Psychology and pedagogy of inclusive education, Designing of psycho-pedagogical activities in non-governmental organizations, Psycho-pedagogical support of persons with autism spectrum disorders, Psycho-pedagogical diagnostics and counseling, Psychology and pedagogy of early help for children with disabilities and their families (full-time education, 2-year training period)
• 050400.62 Psycho-pedagogical education, qualification \»Bachelor\», the profile of Special Psychology and Pedagogy
• 030300.62 Psychology, qualification \»Bachelor\» , profile \»Special psychology\» (full-time education, 4-year training period)
• 030300.68 Psychology, qualification \»Master\», Master Program of Clinical Psychology (full-time education, 2-year training period)
• 050400.68 Psycho-pedagogical education, qualification \»Master\», Master Program of Psycho-pedagogical correction of developmental disorders in children (full-time education, training 2-year training period), Psychology and Pedagogy of inclusive education (part-time form of education, 2-year training period)
• 030401.65 Clinical psychology, qualification \»Specialist\», specialization \»Clinical and psychological assistance to child and family\» (full-time education, of 5.5-year training period, part-time form of education for persons with higher education, 5.5 years — duration of training with the possibility of passage of the program for 4 years on an accelerated terms)

Currently the Faculty has a contract on an internship with more than 100 institutions of Moscow. Among them:
• psychological, medical and social centers
• rehabilitation centers
• special correctional schools and boarding schools
• secondary schools and gymnasiums
• preschool educational institutions compensating type
• educational institutions of vocational training (colleges)
• orphanages, hospitals, neuropsychiatric boarding schools
• institutions of additional education
• teaching and educational complexes compensating type
• correctional schools (including home-based education)
• health institutions (orphanages, clinics)
• establishment of the social security system
• research institutions
• community organizations

International cooperation
Several faculty members are involved in international projects:
• Sweden. Gothenburg University, Department of Clinical Neurophysiology. Subject: The neurophysiological studies of autism.
• USA. University of Illinois, Department of neurobiology. Subject: Central and autonomic indicators of development of the CNS of infants in health and disease state.
• International Organization of development of services for Deafblind International (DBI), a representative office in London. Subject: Education of deafblind.
• USA, Boston. Charitable Foundation \»Hilton Perkins.\» Subject: Psycho-pedagogical support to children with complex and multiple disabilities.
• The Netherlands, Utrecht. Subject: auto-aggressive behavior of children with multiple disabilities.
• Germany, Freiburg. Subject: The content, organization and methods of training of psychologists-rehabilitators.

Publishing activities
Since 2012 the Faculty publishes the electronic journal \»Clinical and special psychology.\» Chief Editor — Igor Vachkov, Doctor of Psychology, professor.

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