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Vladimir Vladimirovich Selivanov

Head of the Department of General Psychology, Institute of Experimental Psychology, Professor, Doctor of Psychology Specialist in the field of general, cognitive psychology, psychology of thinking, personality and virtual reality, author of more than 140 scientific articles and 8 books, including: “Thinking and personality” (1998), “Psychology of consciousness” (1999), “Thinking in personal development of the …

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Vladimir Alexandrovich Barabanschikov

Director of the Institute of Experimental Psychology, Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Education Specialist in general and experimental psychology, author of over 400 scientific articles and 30 books, including: Perception and Event (2002); «Ideas of systemicity in psychology» (2005); «Modern Psychophysics» (2009); «Perceptogenesis of sensory perception» (2011); «Modern experimental …

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Dvoryanchikov Nikolai Viktorovich

Dean of the Faculty of Legal Psychology, Member of the Academic Council of the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, Chairman of the Educational and Methodological Council, Professor of the Department of Clinical and Forensic Psychology of the Faculty of Legal Psychology academic degree: candidate of psychological sciences academic title: associate professor level of …

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