Institute of
Experimental Psychology


Artem Abramov

Institute of Experimental Psychology

Specialist in educational and methodological work of the Institute of Experimental Psychology, Responsible for master's degree students preparation.

Address: Moscow, Shelepikhinskaya naberezhnaya, 2A, building 2, 2nd floor, room 207G
Work schedule: Mon.-Fri., 09:00-18:00


  • Performs methodical work on planning and organizing the educational process.
  • Organizes the formation of curricula in areas (specialties) for the preparation of master students in accordance with educational standards.
  • Carries out the distribution of the teaching load between the faculties, departments and departments.
  • Compiles records of the hourly load of the departments. 
  • Draws up the teaching schedule of teachers, the schedule for the implementation of laboratory, practical work, seminars, consultations of students (students, listeners).
  • Controls the availability and implementation of the curricula of the departments, individual plans of teachers, and the program of lecture courses for compliance with the educational standard.
  • Checks the availability of educational documentation at the departments: work programs for courses, calculation of the teaching load for the academic year (semester), work plans for teaching and support staff, minutes of department meetings, laboratory work logs, homework, course design, a list of topics for graduation projects, a list of supervisors graduation and course projects, laboratory work schedules, homework assignments, consultations.
  • Carries out operational regulation of the educational process.
  • Fixes deviations in the performance of the study load in order to regulate the schedule of classes and prevent deviations from the educational standard.
  • Corrects the records of the educational (hourly) load.
  • Carries out computer processing of received information.
  • Leads the development of a rating system, trainees (students, listeners), compiles ratings, is responsible for providing access to them.
  • Coordinates the coverage of the educational process on the website of the structural unit of the educational institution.
  • Analyzes and submits to the management information about the causes of academic debt of students (students, trainees), dropouts of students (students, trainees), as well as reports on the fulfillment of the teaching load by teachers.
  • Prepares proposals on the size of the state task and the state order for the preparation of bachelors, specialists and masters and other students for future periods, on the distribution of the number of teaching (teaching) personnel by departments depending on the teaching load performed by the department.
  • Draws up a schedule for using the classroom fund for classes with students (students, listeners).
  • Complies with the requirements of the quality management system, contributes to the implementation of the policy and goals in the field of quality of the MSUPE and the Institute.
  • Complies with the internal labor regulations and other local regulations of MSUPE.
  • Complies with the rules and regulations of labor protection, industrial sanitation and fire

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