Admission rules for international students
(for foreign citizens* applying for education in MSUPE in 2017)

Please keep in mind that the information below is formulated on the basis of frequently asked questions and full detailed admission procedures and conditions are established by MSUPE official admission rules.

* – foreign citizen is a person who is not a citizen of the Russian Federation and who has the citizenship (nationality) of a foreign state.

1. All foreign citizens can apply for the contract (paid) education, regardless of citizenship.

2. The right of admission to MSUPE on the budgetary basis (free education) is available for:

A) Persons sent to study in MSUPE by the Ministry of Education & Science of Russian Federation (admission within the quota of the Government of the Russian Federation for education of foreign citizens). You can ask questions and see more detailed information on applying within the quota here.

B) Citizens of the following countries:
without any additional requirements for applicant:
Republic of Belarus
Republic of Kazakhstan
Kyrgyz Republic
Republic of Tajikistan

with additional requirements for applicant regarding the migration status of  applicant in the Russian Federation, i.e. necessity of residence permit in RF:
Republic of Azerbaijan
Republic of Armenia
Republic of Estonia
Republic of Moldova
Republic of Uzbekistan

C) Compatriots leaving abroad
In case of applying as a compatriot, it is necessary to provide documents (other evidence) confirming:

in relation to the parent of the applicant:
Citizenship of the USSR (usually the USSR\’s birth certificate, USSR Passport);
Present nationality (usually a foreign passport);
Living abroad (usually a passport with a stamp in the area of residence, official statements, certificates, etc.);
– in relation to the descendants of the compatriot (incoming):
Confirmation of kinship with the above person (usually a birth certificate, a passport with a stamp in the column \”Children\”),
living at the present time abroad (usually a passport with a stamp in the column \”Place of residence\”, official statements, certificates, etc.).

3. Application documents
Applying for education in MSUPE by official admission rules (http://xn--c1arkau.xn--p1ai/nav/admission/90), it is necessary to submit the following documents according to the deadlines (June 20, 2017 to July 12, 2017):

• Application for admission
• The document proving the identity of the citizen
• The document certifying the previous education level of the applicant with the appendix
• Documents confirming individual achievements of applicant, determined by the admission rules
• 2 photos 3×4 cm
• medical certificate (necessary when applying to the programs: 44.03.02 Psycho-pedagogical education (Bachelor programs), 44.03.03 Special (defectological) education (Bachelor programs), 44.04.02 Psycho-pedagogical education (Master programs), 44.05.01 Pedagogy and psychology of deviant behavior (Specialist programs))

Please note that foreign citizens, who have the right for free education, can apply and pass entrance exams on a budgetary basis and on a contractual basis simultaneously.

4. Recognition of previous education

If a foreign citizen applyies MSUPE with a document on previous level of education received not in the Russian Federation but in a foreign country, then it must also undergo the procedure of recognition.

Recognition of education documents (diploma) of foreign states is also officially called as \”nostrification procedure\”

Do I need to \”nostrify\” the diploma? Click here to receive the answer in 3 steps. 

Please keep in mind that all documents issued in a foreign language are provided to MSUPE Admission board with a necessary translation into Russian language, certified by a Notary.

5. Passing the entrance tests in MSUPE

MSUPE internal entrance tests in the format of the university will be held in period from July 13, 2017 to July 25, 2017.

The personal presence in the Admission board is obligatory 2 times: for documents submission and for entrance tests in a format of the University.

Full 2017 program of MSUPE entrance tests for different training directions and programs here.

All entrance tests are conducted in Russian language.

MSUPE offers preparatory courses for all applicants to prepare for the entrance tests. Language of the course: Russian
The costs and dates of the preparatory courses should be clarified by phone:
+7 (495) 632 95 59

Check the special MSUPE Russian language express training for foreign applicants here.

Please keep in mind that in case of successful passing of entrance tests and enrolment in MSUPE, foreign citizens in 2 working days should submit documents in accordance with the migration legislation of the Russian Federation. Get the detailed information on this issue in advance in MSUPE office of international affairs
by telephone: +7(495)607-08-72 (we speak English, Russian & German)


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Admission board
tel. +7 (495) 632-98- 66
Postal address: 127051 Russia,
Moscow, Sretenka str., 29

Office of international affairs MSUPE
tel. +7 (495) 607-08- 72