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On April 3-7 in the framework of Erasmus+ teaching mobility program 2016-2021 a group of professors of Moscow State University of Psychology & Education visited the University of Roskilde (Denmark). Organization of the program became possible because of the EU funding of the joint project for teaching staff international mobility between MSUPE and University of Roskilde.

MSUPE was represented by: Head of the Department of Ethnopsychology and Psychological Problems of Multicultural Education – Oleg Khukhlaev, Head of Information and Analytical Department – Anna Shvedovskaya, and the Head of MSUPE Center for Evidence-Based Social Design – Anna Tikhomirova.

O.E. Khukhlaev, A. V. Tikhomirova, A. A. Shvedovskaya,E. Schraube, H.Sønderstrup-Andersen

The educational model of the University of Roskilde is built on a project-oriented and problem-solving approach to the education and management of the educational organization. The program of the visit was aimed at the presentation of experience and ongoing projects of the University of Roskilde. Key activities of the program included: the participation of the MSUPE specialists in the work of project student groups in the framework of the educational process, acquaintance with the scientific institutes and centers included in the University structure, discussion of mutually interesting professional topics, and lecturing. During the program, along with a presentation of MSUPE for the audience of Roskilde staff and students, the MSUPE specialists gave the following lectures for the students:

Perceptions and attitudes about European issues and values among Russian bachelor students (qualitative research within the framework of Erasmus + project. (O.E. Khukhlaev)
«Developing the ideas of cultural-historical approach: 10 years of scientific publications» (А.А. Shvedovskaja)
«Evidence-based approach and integration of professional competencies as the basis of social design» (А.V. Tikhomirova)

During the visit MSUPE representatives made a presentation about MSUPE, the VII International Summer University ISCAR for postgraduate students and young scholars was announced, as well as several proposals for the development of inter-university cooperation were made.

The mobility program participants emphasize the depth and richness of academic programs and special impressions from exploring the educational space of the University: \”Walking around the campus is a special pleasure: Pleasant panoramic windows of the library overlooking the mini lake; Admirable enthusiastic students who are engaged in specially designed spaces for projects called \”khuzy\”; Hammocks in working areas and well-organized space in the offices of professors; The presence of a kindergarten with a flexible system of discounts for parent-students is also a pleasant moment. There is a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, but at the same time it is an active working atmosphere. \”

We express our deep gratitude to our colleagues in Denmark, in particular, Hans Sønderstrup-Andersen, the Head of the Training Department of the Institute of People and Technology of the University of Roskilde, to Hans-Sønderstrup-Andersen, to professors Rashmi Singla and Ernst Schraube for their cooperation and brilliant organization of the program! We express our special gratitude to our compatriot, Professor Margarita Vladimirovna Popova, who is currently an employee of Roskilde University, for her active participation in the organization of this project and support at all stages of its implementation!

The staff of the University of Roskilde will visit MSUPE in October 2017 with a return visit.