Scientific Supervisor: Doctor in Psychology, Professor Vladimir A. Barabanschikov

The main directions of scientific research of the scientific school team:

  • Study of the psychological mechanisms of cognitive processes when a person solves cognitive-communicative problems, based on the specific problems of psychological science: interpersonal perception, distributed cognition and joint activity.
  • Experimental study of the system of determinants of perception of facial expressions in real and vicar communication.
  • An experimental study of the laws of interaction of processes of cognition, communication, and activity.

The main achievements of the scientific school

• The influence of occlusion of a human face shown in the portrait on the success of its identification according to the existing semantic description was studied, as well as on the perception of age and individual psychological characteristics;
• The phenomenon of perceptual confidence was studied;
• Peculiarities of oculomotor activity while performing the combined task of identification/discrimination of transient expressions of the face were studied;
• Peculiarities of identification of emotional expressions of a man by his face during the fast movements of the eyes were studied;
• The analysis of the methodological problems in the study of oculomotor activity in communicative situations was conducted.